Devi Nagavalli’s Accomplishments ​

  • In a short period of her journalist career, Devi Nagavalli is the first Telugu News Presenter, who won the NATIONAL LEVEL AWARD, “NT” (NATIONAL TELEVISION’S AWARD, DELHI) in 2009 for her inimitable presentation in Telugu Media.
  • Devi Nagavalli’s vision evolved her to become the first News Reporter in Telugu and she was honored the most prestigious “NANDI” award in 2009, by the State Government of Andhra Pradesh, India. She achieved the same award again in 2010. She was praised in Hyderabad Times, As The Most Desirable Women on TV, 2017, by Times of India. Likewise, she received many appreciations as a young and dynamic journalist. 

Devi Nagavalli’s - Journalism integrating adventures with the world

All set their life differently. Some go around money, some with luxuries, but not adventurous. A very few stunning beauties like “Devi Nagavalli” decides to explore the world with her adorable smile, bold and challenging acts. She always loves to be with people knowing their problems and helping them out.

Let us know her adventures, her breaking news coverages, and the struggles behind the camera.

Indonesia Tsunami Earthquake – TV9 Exclusive – 2018

Devi Nagavalli with the freedom given and trust put by TV9, single handedly set all the route maps for her Indonesia travel to live telecast the Indonesia Tsunami Earthquake in 2018.

Behind the camera, she faced lots of difficulties at the time of that natural disaster. There was no proper shelter to stay, No food to eat, and at least there was no water to drink for her and the cameraman. They stayed at the airport for 6 days along with foreign media. They captured all the disaster visuals and reports of the Indonesia Tsunami Earthquake.


This incident made her really feel bad and as she saw the troubles of people very close, her heart filled with sorrow. Devi Nagavalli is such a kind-hearted person. Wherever she goes she had a mindset of adjustment and according to the situations she molds herself and moves forward without being stuck anywhere. She treats all levels of people in the same way with equality.

Pulwama Terror Attack – TV9 Exclusive – 2019

Pulwama attack is one of the bloodiest terror attacks in Jammu and Kashmir happened on February 14, 2019, where 40 CRPF jawans were killed. This incident took place when CRPF men were traveling on a bus, a Jaish bomber rammed into the vehicle and exploded. Many of them were critically injured.


Devi Nagavalli went to the spot for coverage of live exclusives and terrific situation of the Pulwama attack. She faced many horrible situations with the people, who rejected the parlances of media. Her mic was also broken. But as a Journalist with all her confidence and courage, she gathered all the live updates of our army struggles and protective acts at Jammu and Kashmir.

Srilanka St.Anthony Church – Bomb Blast Visuals – TV9 Exclusive 2019

A series of bomb blasts took place at Columbo St. Anthony Church in Srilanka. Police found 87 bombs at Columbo’s main bus station and withdrew them. The impact of the bomb explosion was very intense. Around 300 people were killed and over 500 were seriously injured. In such a terrific situation, Devi Nagavalli showed her expertise in covering the breaking news of TV9 Exclusive – Bomb blast visuals. Her courageous acts astounded the people always.

Amarnath Yatra – Documentary - TV9 Exclusive - 2017

Devi Nagavalli’s daring and adventurous Amarnath Yatra is an excellent camp trek that made her so popular. She covered all the segments of Amarnath Yatra beautifully. She along with her team traveled every bit of Amarnath and captured the amazing wonders of the place. Amid Pissu top (4 km) to Sheshnag (9 km), there is a very dangerous turn. Everyone needs to go very carefully to reach the destination point of the pilgrimage, the Amarnath temple. 


During their journey, people at Amarnath Yatra chant Lord Shiva mantras to enlighten their lives. They believe that Lord Shiva brings them peace and makes them free from all physical and mental disabilities. Along with pilgrims, TV9 Reporter Devi Nagavalli and her team traveled on foot at certain Trek routes.

Devi Nagavalli got the “Golden Award” by “National Television” for her incredible “Amarnath Yatra Documentary”. 

-Author: P Anuradha (Msc. Biotech)

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