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Role on the Screen as TV9 Anchor & Reporter – Devi Nagavalli

As a lady journalist, Devi Nagavalli sought out an ideal and unique way of performing her job role as well as experiencing the world. Today, because of her charismatic nature, dynamic communication and her unique style of presenting news have grabbed the attention of millions of people over social media.  


Devi Nagavalli turned out so popular through her show “WEEKEND LIVE DISCUSSIONS”, where she anchors and handles interviews of eminent personalities and leading celebrities of both Telugu states. Her tough and straight forward questions created a vibration in the minds of Telugu film stars. Facing these kinds of tough exclusive interviews gave them a tremendous opportunity to make a unique attribute and emphatically promote their films.

At times, her interview questions created controversial issues too and she has been received many warnings from popular film industry actors. Recently, one of the famous Tollywood actors, Suman warned her when she asked some questions that would interrupt his reputation. She even had a debatable interview with a young hero, “Vijay Devarakonda” who acted in a classic film “Arjun Reddy”. Being a woman she faced many challenges, proved her talents, and became an iconic professional journalist. Moreover, she is not scared of going through such challenges. She speaks out the truth and brings a peculiar change in the minds of the viewers. She does 100% justice to her profession by expressing the reality that goes around the world.

Devi Nagavalli - “The Lady Boss” is the apt “Title” that suits her profession.

Her shows have been watched by a large population of Telugu states and also devised a change in society. Recently, she made a few videos related to the Corona pandemic. She created a wide range of awareness on terrific COVID-19 disease and reported the facts about the disease.

Apart from her debate shows with popular personalities, she has shown outstanding competence in handling on-the-ground reporting and built an astonishing benchmark in her career.

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Devi Nagavalli
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