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Devi nagavalli Tv9 anchor & Reporter

The field of journalism for women is the most challenging profession where they need to overcome all the toughest situations and challenges they are supposed to handle. But, there are few rebellious and public intellectual women like Devi Nagavalli. Yes! This sounds great.

Devi Nagavalli is one of the most famous female journalists, and Telugu News Presenter. She has been working for TV9, a Leading Telugu News Channel in INDIA for the past 15 years. She is a role model to many upcoming professional journalists and news reporters who emphasize to broaden and deepen their mindsets and stand as the best reporters. She inspired others with her adventurous works and with her unconquerable competitive spirit.

Personal LIfe


Devi Nagavalli completed her schooling in Rajahmundry. During the times of her schooling, she actively participated in all extracurricular activities. She inculcated great qualities of determination and courage from an early age.

She was graduated from Sri Kandukuri Rajyalakshmi Women’s college, Rajahmundry with a bachelor’s degree in commerce. She played the role of the class representative and this is the first step for her career to stand as a leader and show all her skills. During her final year of graduation, she joined in Graphic designing course for 3 months and completed her course. Later, she got an opportunity to work as a tutor for the same course in that institute with an initial pay scale of Rs. 1500/- per month. Though it was a very small amount, she accepted it, as she thought it was enough for her pocket money and moreover, she doesn’t like to depend on her parents for her small expenses. That was her first job where she strived to stand on her own feet. Next, she got another opportunity to work in an Engineering college as a faculty for Graphic Designing Course.

Devi Nagavalli was born in Rajahmundry, a beautiful city, located on the banks of River Godavari in the East Godavari district of the Andhra Pradesh state. She was born to Smt. Satyavathi and Sri. Ramakrishna and she had an elder brother Srikanth and a younger brother Naresh.

She was very active and bold from her childhood itself.

“My eccentric idea is to speak the truth, express the reality fearlessly and show the definite statement to the world”



Devi Nagavalli Tv9

A step towards Journalism

An idea of thought and self-confidence helped Devi Nagavalli to step into journalism, where her life took a turning point. Her mesmerizing journey started all alone. She was very much interested in working for TV9. So, she anyhow struggled hard to fulfill her dreams and achieve her goals. 

Her idea is to hold a job as a Graphic designer in TV9. But unfortunately, she got selected for the interview as a TV9 anchor and that was the biggest surprise that turned out her life strategies. In the year, 2005 she joined in TV9 channel to continue her journey. First, she was assigned a program named “Health Watch”. This is the beginning of her career in the field of journalism. Later she successfully completed a diploma in Mass Communication.

Devi Nagavalli Tv9
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